What's CSI & who are we?

We are a multidisciplinary group linked to the
Institute for Innovation
and Knowledge Management INGENIO
(CSIC - Universitat
Politècnica de València);
we create and facilitate
spaces for communication
and co-production of knowledge among
different actors
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We carry out several research projects on collective social
Those projects, with
different frameworks
and focus, are aimed
at understanding, highlighting and supporting collective social innovation initiatives
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We carry out other collective process of knowledge co-creation together with different social actors. Those are practical actions, which
are initiating or accompanying knowledge production processes for a transformative action
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Based on our research
and action work, we try
to generate useful, appropriate and relevant material to be disseminate to social organizations
and civil society sphere,
public institutions,
academia and other
interested audience
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Relevant news on
collective social
innovation and
research, photos and
videos of our projects
and collective social
innovation experiences
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Contact us to share experiences, ideas, news, through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc
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