Action Learning

The learning in action processes powered in the Valencian quarters Benicalap (2017.2018) and Na Rovella (2019) are a formative experiences driven by the Master in Cooperation Development of the Universitat Politècnica de València. Its main objective is to bring to the students to a specific reality of a vulnerable neighborhood of Valencia.

The two-week experience allows us to deepen the different problems of the neighborhood and the practices of the organizations and actors involved, in order to put in practice the knowledge and techniques of a development professional.

To learn more about these Learning in Action experiences, you can consult the published teaching notebooks as well as the photos and videos of the processes of each edition.


Course 2016-17: ¿How do we live in Benicalap?

A learning experiene in Action.


Course 2017-18: ¿Building alternative stories in the Benicalap neighborhood?.

A contribution from learning in action.



Benicalap neighborhood - 2017cocreando aprendizaje accion

Benicalap neighborhood - 2018cocreando aprendizaje accion Na Rovella neighborhood - 2019cocreando aprendizaje accion

More pictures from different experiences of Action Learning:


Video: Action Learning - Public Presentation Na Rovella 2019

Video: Participative video UP SUBS Na Rovella AA 2019

Video: Social Centre Taleia - Participatory Diagnose - Aprendizaje Acción Na Rovella 2019

Video: Rovell Map - Participatory Social Mapping - Action Learning 2019

Video: IES Jordi Sant Jordi - Participatory Photography - Action Learning 2019

Video: Learning action from within: a view of the students of the Master 2017

Video: Public space and well-being of young people in the Benicalap neighborhood

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